Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meaning of Job Analysis

Job analysis is the process of analyzing jobs. It is very broad concept. Therefore Before describing the meaning and nature of the job analysis, it is important to discuss about the meaning of the job.
·         Job- job is the bundle of related task. For example, inspecting resume of a job seeker is a task. The whole lot of tasks relating to recruitment constitutes job.

Job Analysis- it is the process of collecting job related information. Such information helps in the preparation of job description and job specification. 

From the above Figure we can see that the process of job analysis results into job description and job specification:
·         Job Description- it indicates what all a job involves.  For example, job title, location, job summary, duties machine, tools, equipments, material and forms used, supervision given and received and working conditions.

·         Job Specification- the capabilities that the job holder should possess form part of job specification. For example, education, training, experience, judgment, initiative, physical effort, physical skills, communication skills and emotional characteristics.

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